ICO Advisory

ICO Advisory
by Peter Nocken

We offer End to End ICO/STO and we support evolving legal regulations. Some technical pitfalls makes ICO/STOs a challenging path for most, however this does not have to be the case.

Our industry-leading experts become your partner throughout the process of turning your idea into a profitable business.

Some of our focus areas include:

  • Platform agnostic approach to ensure the chosen protocol suits your use case
  • Tailored contract administration, management and reconciliation applications
  • State of the art KYC/AML compliance and management systems with 2FA and geo fencing parameters
  • In-house blockchain research and development team with extensive research and knowledge in blockchain interoperability
  • Legal management on location-specific token concepts including KYC, AML, and securities compliance
  • White Paper draft, analysis, and finalization
  • Comprehensive legal documentation package including Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Token Purchase Agreement
  • Experienced ICO/STO attorneys providing continuous consultation
  • Post-ICO/STO token management solutions and compliance protection