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XVA-Blockchain… the blockchain that builds trust in capital markets.

Banks minimize default risk in derivatives trading with the help of specialist service providers that supervise the deals. But who supervises the supervisors? XVA-Blockchain distributed ledger technology revolutionizes collateral services in derivatives trading thanks to superior reconciliation processes, full transparency and best-in-class security – all at an extremely competitive price for our clients.

XVA-Analytics, Trade Repository Reporting and Calculation Agent.

Why work with us?

Advanced Blockchain Solutions provides collateral services in derivatives trading to banks and other financial institutions. We have identified three established usecases and re-thought them as applications operating on blockchain (distributed ledger) technology. The application of blockchain technology bears some specific advantages, namely superior security, transparency and reliability compared to centralized approaches. And it’s much cheaper: we estimate possible cost reductions for our clients of up to 90%

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Our CEO Thomas Schwiertz at NASDAQ talking to Jane King about our mission, regulatory issues and where we are headed.

XVA-Blockchain ... the blockchain made in Germany.

Why work with us?


Unrivaled expertise

Our team is an exciting mix of leading experts from both the financial and the digital industry with many years of experience.


Set for Success

Our business concept of unleashing the disruptive potential of blockchain technology onto financial services is as simple as convincing.


German Engineering

We are a German company under German law: reliable, trustworthy and serious. We stand true to our mission: building trust in financial markets.


What independent experts say about us

“XVA-Blockchain has the potential of removing the costly frictions embedded in current collateral cash flows. The team behind Advanced Blockchain Solutions has long standing expertise in all relevant aspect, from mathematical finance to valuation adjustment (CVA) to blockchain technology and coding.”

Prof. Dr. Christian Fries — Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

“Blockchain technology will be a key disruptor of current business models. As Bitcoin has already shown spectacular growth over the last few years, the underlying Blockchain technology will now step forward and unfold yet unseen potential to rethink business models across industries. Advanced Blockchain Solutions are at the forefront of this and I am excited to see what lies ahead for them.”

Jochen Ditsche — Partner, Digital Competence Center, Roland Berger

“Mutual trust forms the basis on which financial transactions are concluded, but it has corroded from the events of the last 10 years. At the same time Bitcoin showed how transparency and decentralisation can succeed in building trust. XVA-Blockchain now applies this approach to banking services in order to bring back that lost good and help with building trust in capital markets.”

Joachim Ebener — Member of the Executive Board (retired), Stadtsparkasse München

“When you design a native blockchain app there should be at least few criteria met: removal of a counterparty or intermediary,decentralized processes and decentralized governance. At the end it should be allabout blockchain and not about cryptos. XVA-Blockchain has it all. The project itself can be viewed in a function of disrupting the disruptor. Exciting times to come with all the deliveries coming in place.”

Ales Tomazin, Ph.D. — Advisor to crypto companies

“During my whole career as a trader for interest and inflation derivatives I always hoped that regulatory and operative systems could step out of my way and enhance market transparency instead of introducing a layer of obstruction. I truly believe that blockchain technology can finally reach this goal. The team of Advanced Blockchain Solutions has all qualities for succeeding in this exciting journey.”

Markus Höchtl — Partner,
Microstep AG

“The XVA-Blockchain will be a solution which utilises distributed ledger technology for ease of integration and a low cost to market. The use cases are perfectly designed for Clearing- and Collateral-Management-Services of large financial institutions. Improved visibility by the nature of the blockchain will encourage regulators to support admission.”

Stefan Zur – Managing Director, CVA Services GmbH


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Our Timeline

2017 – Seed funding of Advanced Blockchain Solutions and XVA-Blockchain in a friends and family round.

H1 2018 – Seed funding (institutional investors) and client acquisition

H2 2018 – MVP Development

H1 2019 – Official start of business operations

H2 2019 – Additional funding round for global growth

2020+ – Global Business Operations with support for all three usecases